Monday, February 4, 2019

30 Paintings in 30 Days, Part 3

Here are the last ten paintings from lasts year's 30 Paintings in 30 Days Challenge.

9 x 12 Oil on Masonite Panel
Continuing the overcast day themed paintings, this one was inspired by areas near Berkeley and Westover Plantations in Charles City, County. 

12 x 9 Oil on Masonite Panel
In these paintings, the humidity of Virginia Spring and Summers influences the atmospheric effects. The figures have been added not only for scale, but to create a narrative. Kudzu covers the trunk of the tree in the foreground, which is a common sight of this invasive plant throughout the south.

8 x 10 Oil on Masonite Panel
Forest creeks in Prince George County inspired this scene along with some Corot paintings. Bailey's Creek and Wall's Run were two creeks I've explored a bit growing up. When I was a kid my father told me about a large prehistoric shark's tooth that was in Bailey's creek on Fort Lee. Whenever I would explore the creeks I would search the gravel for artifacts. 

6 x 12 Oil on Masonite Panel
This sky was inspired skies I had seen in Seattle last year. I decided to take memories of those skies and put them in a Virginia landscape.

5 x 7 Oil on Masonite Panel
Getting back to twilight tonalist painting on this one, I used Rublev Colors' Orange Molybdate for the red/orange glow at the horizon.

6 x 9 Oil on Masonite Panel, Private Collection
This painting was among my favorites I had painted during the 30 day challenge. I loved the colors so much I want to do a painting in the future with similar lighting and color.

6 x 9 Oil on Masonite Panel
Springtime in Virginia during a shower. I wanted to push the atmosphere in this painting not only to create depth, but also to capture the effect of a springtime shower while keeping the focus on the tree and figure in the foreground.

6 x 9 Oil on Masonite Panel
This one was inspired by a sunrise I saw on December morning, during a run in Seattle at Maple Leaf reservoir park. It was amazing watching the sun appear through the early morning fog in pink and lavender colors. Once again I put the sky into a Virginia landscape.

6 x 9 Oil on Masonite Panel, Private Collection
George Inness inspired this painting which I set among young pines in Virginia. The figure and dog walk through tall grass as the day ends. Chrome Green, Chrome Yellow Medium, and Orange Molybdate dominate the scene along with darker tones which were created with either a burnt umber or Bone Black.

6 x 12 Oil on Masonite Panel
This was the final 30th painting in the 30 day challenge. By this point I was exhausted. Coming up with ideas from my imagination and memory was not easy. I would like to do the 30 day challenge again, but this time paint a variety of subjects such as dogs, still lifes, portraits, and of course landscapes.

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